What Gift To Get The Groom Based On How Well You Know Him

Wedding Gift Ideas

Are you going to a wedding but not sure what present to get the groom? Usually the gift you bring for the groom depends on how well you know him. If you are the best man your gift should be something more significant and thoughtful. This could be something like his favourite whiskey or engraved cuff links. On the other hand if you don't know him that well a pair of funky socks might just do the trick. Well, check out our handy guide on the best gifts to get for a groom below and avoid any awkward thanks but no thanks on their special day!

1. I’m a plus-one

So you’ve been invited to a wedding as a plus-one? The likelihood is that your partner knows the groom a lot better than you do so it’s probably best that you just chip in on whatever gift they’re getting them. Easy!

But if you want to go the extra mile and get a small gift to supplement your partner's gift to show your appreciation for the free wine you are about to receive, try one of these ideas!

Beard Buddy

Looking for a gift that might bring a smile to the groom's face? Especially if that face has a beard on it? How about Beard Buddy? It will also help prevent future arguments between him and his bride by making sure the bathroom sink isn’t full of bear hair so might well end up saving their marriage! This could actually be the most impactful present he gets full stop, a serious bargain for around €15!

You can buy a Beard Buddy here.

Ticket Stub Organiser

The groom and his bride will likely be heading off on a honeymoon after the big day and might end up collecting a whole bunch of different tickets or receipts as a memento of the holiday. Make it easy to keep them safe and organised by giving him a Ticket Stub Organiser so that he can keep those memories safe and sound for years to come.

You can buy a Ticket Stub Organiser here.

2. I’m an acquaintance of the grooms

You went to school with this guy but haven’t really kept in touch that much through-out the years. Or maybe you play five-a-side with the guy Thursday nights. You’ve been invited to the wedding but not too sure what to get him. Don’t worry, we have you covered with these great ideas!


Who doesn’t like a good Whiskey? And even if people don’t like them they will always pretend that they do when you give it to them because not liking Whiskey just looks sooooo uncivilised. 

A great Whiskey option for a groom you don’t know too well is Powers Special Reserve 12  Year Old. At around €50 a bottle it won’t break the bank, but likely will suit the palette of most Whiskey drinkers.

Personalised Socks

Make a joke of buying the quintessential, low-effort gift, but add some effort by getting them personalised with the groom's name or even maybe an inside-joke the two of you have. His initial reaction from getting socks will be worth it and his reaction after finding out you didn’t completely insult him with the worst present possible, will be even better.


3. I’m a casual friend of the grooms

Someone from your extended friend group is getting married. You’re going to have to step up here a bit and get a decent present for the guy! Don’t forget, you’re going to have to see him regularly in the future so you don’t want to spoil your relationship and put up with evil eyes throughout Saturday pints because you got him a keyring. Avoid this horrible future by reading on and making the right decision!

Pressurised Copper Beer Tankard

Is your mate into his craft beers? Help him out-hipster himself by getting him this copper, pressurized tankard so that he can be even cooler as he pours out weird tasting craft-beers that you all have to pretend to enjoy every time he has people over to his. For extra points buy some of his favourite craft beers to go along with it!

You can buy Pressurized Copper Beer Tankard here.

Personalised Whisky Decanter and Whisky Glasses

A personalised gift always has increased impact as it proves you’ve put some thought into the process. Well, not you, you’ve just found an article on the internet. But, you can still pretend you have put in the effort by getting your friend a Personalised Whiskey Decanter and Whiskey Glasses. Make you mate feel like a grown up as he decants his Whisky, probably not really knowing why he’s doing it, but looking like a boss all the same.

You can get Personalised Whisky Decanter and Whisky Classes here.

4. I’m a good friend of the grooms

You went to the stag. You might even be one of the groomsmen. You’ve been friends forever and both have enough secrets on each other to send you both to the nearest correctional facility two times over! You might consider your presence to be the greatest gift of all, but more than likely, he thinks differently! If you’re struggling to think of a gift that will make your mate seriously happy, check out our recommendations below.

Tickets to a Sports Game

This is a gift that will always go down well! Best of all you can get one for yourself as well and make an experience of it all! If you both support the same team it’s even better. What might be funnier though, is if you don’t and can get tickets to the You vs Them game.

Tickets to a Concert

Do you both enjoy the same type of music? A great idea is to get tickets to a concert of an artist you both like. 

5. I’m the groom's best man

Second in command. You organised the stag. You kept the groom in one piece when he was having doubts. You’ve been on the receiving end of whatever anxiety he’s been going through. You think your work is done. You’ve done so much.

But no, there is one last important task you have to complete. You need to find the gift that stands out from everyone elses and shows him exactly how good mates you two are. Are you worried? Don’t be, just read over what we suggest and we guarantee you’ll knock it out of the park.

When you’re the best man, the best gift is always going to be something personal between you. Think of your best memories together. Remember all your inside jokes. Maybe, think of the activities or hobbies that you both enjoy. But make sure you don’t get him something he already owns!

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