How to Donate My Wedding Dress? | 8 Ways To Donate Your Old Wedding Dress

 Where to donate my wedding dress


For many brides the wedding dress is the biggest deal of all, never mind the question of ‘does he still love me?’, it’s more like, what dress will I wear? After all the tears of thinking I'm not right for this dress, and then loving it, the big day is over and now the question is ‘what will I do with it?.’ You felt so much joy in your wedding dress so why not pass that forward to someone in need. You will wear your dress once (hopefully!), costing on average a whopping €1700.

Someone less fortunate would greatly appreciate the donation of your dream dress. You can donate your dress to one of the many charities with retail stores, donate it to charities such as Angel Gowns or The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation that use it directly, sell it and donate the proceeds to another charity or hand it down to someone in your family.

1. Barnardos

Barnardos is Ireland’s children’s charity. Their mission is to transform children’s lives through a range of services and support. Barnardos have locations in Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, Kilbarrack, and Clondalkin, Wexford, Carlow, and Cork. Simply pop into a store to donate your wedding dress.

2. Oxfam Ireland

Oxfam Ireland has over 70 years of experience, working in 90 different countries, helping people on a wide range of issues from poverty to women’s rights. Oxfam has an extensive network of stores with a presence in all large towns and cities. To donate, drop your dress in any Oxfam Shop or dontation bank

3. The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation (UK)

The Wedding Wishing Well is a unique charity with a single purpose of funding and organising weddings for terminally ill people all across the UK. To donate first get in touch with the foundation and send a picture. If the dress is appropriate the foundation will arrange for a courier to pick up the dress. The dress will then be offered to couples or sold with all money raised going back into the charity.

4. Irish Cancer Society

The Irish Cancer Society has been working on behalf of people affected by cancer for over 55 years. The Society has 20 stores across the country which all accept donations.

5. Irish Neonatal Health Alliance, Angel Gowns

The INHA is an organisation that represents the interests of preterm and ill infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). Many infants that pass away in NICU’s are too small for standard baby clothing, INHA Angel Gowns is a project that transforms Wedding and communion dress into gowns for these infants that are then distributed to families in NICU units around Ireland. Donate by reaching out to the Angel Gowns campaign.

6. St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul fights poverty by providing practical assistance to people in need. SVP has over 220 stores in Ireland accepting donations in every county.

7. Sell Your Wedding Dress and donate the proceeds

Another option is to sell your dress yourself and donate the money raised to a charity that is close to your heart. Sell My Wedding Dress is a service that specialises in the sale of Wedding Dresses. To feature your dress on the website there is a fee before you can sell your dress, the max fee is €34.95, this is if you want to feature on the ‘Premium Listing’ where you get more views on your dress and be featured on the homepage, otherwise ‘Regular Listing’ is only €24.95 to be on the website but with less bonuses. Discount Designer is another service for selling high-end dresses. There is a fee of €50 and you need to fill out a form detailing the designer of your dress, size, and the price you paid for it.
You might even consider selling your dress the old fashioned way on ebay or DoneDeal.

8. Hand the Dress Down

This might not be a donation in the conventional sense but why not give the dress to someone in your family? Or in years to come, maybe you might relive your day through your daughter (that’s if you want kids). As of now your daughter probably won't even listen to you finish your sentence, but she’ll grow up and in time might love to wear the same wedding dress her mother wore and live as happy as her mother (you!). Or even better, to see your daughter wear it sooner, make it into a Christening gown!

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