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How To Organise A Remote Wedding

So you have taken the next big step in your relationship and are finally getting married!! Unfortunately taking the first step into this exciting chapter of your life and getting down to organising the wedding is not all sunshine and rainbows as you would expect. From finding your dream wedding venue that suits you and your guests, to buying the perfect suits and dresses that will not cost your entire retirement fund, it quickly dawns on you that it is nothing like those romantic movies. However, before you give up and return the ring there is another option you may not have considered…a remote wedding! Remote weddings are a modern phenomenon that allows you to tie the knot online, all...

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What To Wear Under a Men's blazer | 12 Things To Wear Under a Men's Blazer

Your blazer might only be a garment of choice for formal occasions but this staple piece of clothing can also work exceptionally well for a variety of occasions including that date when you want to impress the girl, or even an evening with the lads. Unlike suit jackets, blazers are not usually paired with matching trousers and are less structured than suit jackets, this is what gives the blazer its versatility. A simple blazer helps men look more masculine and authoritative, who wouldn't want that! To rock the blazer outfit, we have a complete guide on what to wear under it, to give you that clean, fashionable feel from a casual to formal look and back to a casual look....

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How To Plan Out Your Drinks At A Wedding

Although it is tempting, weddings cannot be approached like your typical night out on the town especially with Aunt Mary eyeing you over the tables or with your best mates self-proclaimed good reputation to uphold. Even though it sounds like a good idea to taste every drink at the bar, the messy pictures eternalised on Facebook the next day always seems to say otherwise. No, when it comes to weddings its best to ignore the devil on your shoulder and remain coherent and actually get the deposit for your suit back for once.

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5 Amazingly Romantic Irish Wedding Anniversary Getaways

Ireland is a country that is synonymous with romance, with its expansive beaches, spectacular mountains, picturesque countryside, and vibrant cities. Whether this is your first anniversary or you’ve been together for 30 years take advantage of one of the many places that’ll send a tingle down your spines as you look back on your time together and look forward to so much more.

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